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Kraus Publications

Kraus Publications
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine
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Ithaca, NY 14853

Selected Publications

Kraus MS
, Benedict K, Rishniw MR, Schwark W, Gelzer AR, Osterrieder N, Armando D, Divers TJ, Elimination half-life of intravenously administered equine cardiac troponin I in healthy ponies. Equine Vet Journal, 2013 Jan;45(1):56-9.

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Kraus MS, Benedict K, Rishniw MR, Schwark W, Gelzer AR, Osterrieder N, Armando D, Divers TJ, Elimination half-life of intravenously administered equine cardiac troponin I in healthy ponies. Equine Vet Journal, 2012.

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Kraus MS, Jesty SA, Gelzer AR, Ducharme NG, Mohammed HO, Mitchell LM, Soderholm LV, Divers TJ. Measurement of plasma cardiac troponin I concentration by use of a point-of-care analyzer in clinically normal horses and horses with experimentally induced cardiac disease. Am J Vet Res 71(1):55-59, 2010.

Gelzer AR, Kraus MS, Rishniw M, Hemsley SA, Moïse NS. Combination therapy with mexiletine and sotalol suppresses inherited ventricular arrhythmias in German shepherd dogs better than mexiletine or sotalol monotherapy: a randomized cross-over study. J Vet Cardiol 12(2):93-106, 2010.

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Jesty SA, Kraus MS, Gelzer AR, Rishniw M, Moïse NS. Effect of transvenous electrical cardioversion on plasma cardiac troponin I concentrations in horses with atrial fibrillation. J Vet Intern Med 23(5):1103-1107, 2009.

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