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Patient Assistance Fund Success Stories

Your support of Pedal for Pets helps animals and their owners in our community. We wanted to share some recent stories with you so you can see just how meaningful your support is.

Coco, a black Labrador puppy, was purchased as a surprise and as a parting gift for a family member dying of leukemia. However, shortly after coming home to his new family, Coco was diagnosed with a congenital liver shunt. Despite a prescription diet and ongoing medical monitoring treatment, Coco’s only option for survival was reparative surgery. Through the help of the Patient Assistance Fund, Coco went to surgery, and is now a happy, healthy puppy, bringing joy to his family.

Molly was a 5-year old iguana with a distended abdomen. Her owner is disabled and living on a fixed income, and was unable to afford the costs of diagnostic procedures and appropriate treatment for Molly, forcing her to consider euthanasia instead. Support from the Patient Assistance Fund allowed for a diagnostic ultrasound revealing fluid and cysts in her abdomen, which were easily treatable. Molly is home with her owner and doing well.

Jet was a 5-year-old male cat living with his family of a single mom supporting her three children, two of which were in college and one in high school. Jet suffered from a urinary obstruction, requiring immediate and costly emergency treatment. With help from the Patient Assistance Fund, Jet underwent emergency surgery and is back home with his family, happy and healthy.

Adam was a 16-year-old Quarter Horse gelding suffering from acute pneumonia. Hospitalization through the weekend improved Adam’s condition, but his owners had reached the limit of their funds, forcing them to consider euthanasia. The Patient Assistance Fund covered the remainder of Adam’s treatment, allowing him to recover completely. He is now home with his family, doing well.

Jilly, a 13-hour neonatal foal, suffered from Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome, a condition requiring intensive medical treatment and monitoring and a long road to recovery. The Patient Assistance Fund helped to cover the costs with his long hospitalization, and he was able to return home to his family ready to wean.