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Mathematical and Epidemiological Modeling of Endemic Infectious Disease: A Hands-on Workshop
June 17-19, 2013


The Cornell summer course has been offered annually at Cornell University for last seven years, except “ISVEE years”. The year 2012 was the ISVEE year and the course was given as a pre-ISVEE workshop in Ghent, Belgium. The course has turned out to be very popular; the 2012 registration was closed well ahead of the deadline when all 25 seats were booked. This year the course will be offered again at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, June 17-19, 2013.

This workshop is aimed at epidemiologists with an interest in combining analysis of field observations with mathematical modeling. The workshop uses methods and examples that are based on data from field studies and are published. The objective of the workshop is to show the participants the connection between observations from the field and mathematical models and to help participants to obtain a better understanding of the infection dynamics of endemic infectious diseases.

Throughout the workshop, mini lectures and practicals will be used to communicate the key concepts. All practicals are available in either Modelmaker or Berkeley Madonna. Free versions of this software will be made available to all participants.

Yrjö T. Gröhn, Cornell University
Zhao Lu, Cornell University
Rebecca Mitchell, Cornell University
Ynte Schukken, Cornell University

June 17:
Morning: Lecture 1: Introduction to Infectious disease modeling: SIR models, Reproduction ratio, Herd Immunity.
Practical 1: BHV1 infection in a dairy herd, Simple spreadsheet model.
Afternoon: Lecture 2: Setting up and interpreting simple models in ModelMaker.
Practical 2: Modeling Dynamics of Salmonella infection in a dairy herd.

June 18:
Morning: Lecture 3: Impact of vaccination on the dynamics of infectious diseases.
Practical 4: Modeling the impact of vaccines in a dairy herd: MAP example.
Afternoon: Lecture 4: Stochastic models – small sample size, fade out.
Practical 5: ModelMaker practical related to Salmonella.
   Evening: Dinner together

June 19:
Morning: Lecture 5: Modeling treatment intervention: mastitis.
Practical 6: Mastitis treatment intervention.
Afternoon: Lecture 6: Within host infection dynamics: E. coli intramammary mastitis models.
Practical 6: Mastitis models - within host models.
Lecture 7: Individual based modeling of MAP

Fee $600 (students $450) includes lunch, a.m. & p.m. breaks.

Accommodations not included. Participants are responsible for making hotel reservations. Hotel rooms have been blocked at the Ithaca Ramada Inn, 2310 N. Triphammer Road, Ithaca, NY, 607-257-3100. Please refer to the Epidemiology Program to receive the $99.95/night rate. Room blocks are being held until May 15. The hotel provides shuttle service to and from Cornell University starting at 7:00 am upon request.

Registration includes 3 continental breakfasts, 3 lunches, 6 breaks, 1 dinner, 1 copy of proceedings, a certificate of completion, and a parking permit if requested.
Print registration form and mail or fax registration to: the Office of Continuing Education, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, S2 169 VEC, Ithaca, NY, 14853-6401, Telephone: 607-253-3200, Fax: 607-253-3198

Cancellation Policy: Your fee, less a $100 processing charge, will be refunded for cancellations on or before May 1. No
refund will be granted for failure to attend without notification.