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The Teaching Dairy Barn

Cornell's Teaching Dairy Barn is a state-of-the-art facility that serves the instructional livestock needs of Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Part of the University's 50-year campus master plan, the Teaching Dairy Barn is the inaugural building at the University's future Large Animal Teaching Complex, a 5-acre parcel that will serve the University's livestock endeavors from now on, freeing campus grounds for other academic facilities. Conveniently located within safe walking distance of campus, the site is ultimately expected to have a multipurpose livestock teaching arena (to include a livestock pavilion, additional teaching barns, and pasture area), equine metabolism unit, and a large animal research and teaching unit (LARTU).

Mission-driven and designed with animal comfort in mind, the Teaching Dairy Barn will be a fully operational working dairy farm, representative of the typical dairy farm in New York State, leveraging existing and creating new synergies between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

“Cornell University is committed to the advancement of dairy management, and we look forward to the enhanced teaching and outreach opportunities that our new dairy barn will offer students, faculty, producers and the industry,” said Dr. Michael I. Kotlikoff, Austin O. Hooey Dean of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.