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State-of-the-Art facility

Cornell's Teaching Dairy Barn is a state-of-the-art facility that serves the livestock needs of Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Funded through the State University Construction Fund, the Teaching Dairy Barn was designed by Erdy McHenry Architecture to include the following features and areas:

180 free stalls in the Main Barn (pictured below)
Milking center (Double “10” parlor)
Special procedures area
Classroom & observation area
Storage building

In addition, the site has these elements:
30 calf hutches
Storage areas for feed & equipment
Waste management system

150 milking cows, 30 dry cows, and an additional 30 calves will be cared for at this location, numbers chosen to reflect the optimum size for running an efficient and sustainable operation that will not be dependent on college or university subsidies. Currently, 94 cows reside at the Teaching Dairy Barn and were supplied by Sunnyside Farms and the Rejman family of Genoa, NY.

TDBMain Barn with free stalls
Approximately 28,000-square-feet of living space for the cows. The cows can roam freely through the building that contains back scratchers, grooming machines, feed aisles, and stantions at strategic locations. The walls, which are curtains, can be up in the summer and down in the winter, as outdoor temperatures dictate. Free stall barns allow the cows to move about to eat, drink, or rest whenever they like. This type of barn lets in fresh air and sunshine when possible and provides shade and protection from the wind, cold, and rain as needed.




Milking center
Approximately 9000-square-feet of milking space equipped with a DeLaval double-10 Cascade parlor, outfitted with DeLaval MPC680 milk point controllers and MM27 milk meters to measure milk yield and flow. Additionally, Cornell utilizes DeLaval Activity Monitors on its herd – providing important information regarding cow activity for use in breeding improvements as well as monitoring cow health.

Special procedures area (coming)
Approximately 4000-square-feet of working space. This area will be used to house sick cows and contains a separate milking system for cows in this area. In addition, the area will be used for procedures such as trimming hooves.

TDBClassroom and observation area
This area seats approximately 40, is outfitted to handle most audio/visual needs, and features glass vision panels that allow people to watch milking in progress and see into the free stall barn.

Storage building
Approximately 3000-square-feet. This out-building has 6 bays, one each for hay, straw, sand, feed, equipment, and manure-handling. The College partners with Cornell's farm services unit for manure handling.