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Cornell University Equine Park

Cornell Equine Park - Facilities & Services

The Equine Park is conveniently located approximately 1 mile from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine on 165 acres of rolling farm land. Facilities are available to house approximately 100 horses in box stalls or paddocks and pastures with run-in sheds. In addition, a modern broodmare barn and adjacent stallion barn can accommodate 27 horses and includes a breeding shed and complete laboratory for processing and handling semen.

Complete breeding services are available:


  • Breeding soundness examinations for mares
  • Breeding management for mares with fresh, cooled shipped, or frozen semen
  • Embryo transfer services
  • Supervised foaling of pregnant mares
    • Video equipped stalls with veterinarian on the premises
    • Initial neonatal and postpartum mare care


  • Breeding soundness examinations for stallions
  • Training of stallions to the phantom for artificial insemination
  • Collection and shipment of semen
  • Semen cryopreservation (freezing)
  • Epididymal sperm collection and cryopreservation (freezing)
    • At the time of a stallion's castration or euthanasia by appointment

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A separate facility, the Equine Park Annex, is also available to house horses. This site includes a 24-stall barn, paddocks, and pastures with run-in sheds. The annex also is the location of a separate USDA-approved quarantine facility, operated by the college's Diagnostic Laboratory, for the testing of imported horses for contagious equine metritis. We are able to perform breeding soundness examinations as well as freeze semen from stallions during their quarantine period.


The photo below depicts various buildings on site. The two buildings to the right house equipment and hay. The building visible in the middle of the photo is a run-in shed in a large paddock. To the left mare breeding barn is visible.

The photo below is of the mare breeding barn with its adjacent paddocks.

Winter Upper Barn

The photo below is a view to the left from the driveway that leads from the mare foaling barn to the mare breeding barn and stallion barn.

Winter Pastures