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Some of the literature on the classification, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, prevention, and explanation of disease describes new disorders or has content of special interest to clinicians. The material below, selected from articles recently entered into Consultant, highlights New & Noteworthy information.

Canine. Oppenheimer N et al. Retrospective evaluation of the use of autologous blood-patch treatment for persistent pneumothorax in 8 dogs (2009–2012). Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care 2014;24:215–220 [Web Reference] 17 Apr
Canine. Thomas EK et al. Presumptive cocaine toxicosis in 19 dogs: 2004–2012. Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care 2014;24:201–207 [Web Reference] 17 Apr
Canine. Haworth MD et al. Diagnostic accuracy of the SNAP and Spec canine pancreatic lipase tests for pancreatitis in dogs presenting with clinical signs of acute abdominal disease. Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care 2014;24:135–143 [Web Reference] 17 Apr
Feline. Oppliger S et al. Agreement of serum feline pancreas–specific lipase and colorimetric lipase assays with pancreatic ultrasonographic findings in cats with suspicion of pancreatitis: 161 cases (2008–2012). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 2014;244:1060-1065 [Web Reference] 16 Apr
Equine. Fritz KL et al. Genetic risk factors for insidious equine recurrent uveitis in Appaloosa horses. Animal Genetics 2014;45:392–399 [Web Reference] 16 Apr
Bovine. Murgiano L et al.Deletion in the EVC2 Gene Causes Chondrodysplastic Dwarfism in Tyrolean Grey Cattle. PLoS ONE 2014;9:e94861 [Web Reference] 15 Apr
Ovine, Bovine. Knappe-Poindecker M et al. Cross-infection of virulent Dichelobacter nodosus between sheep and co-grazing cattle. Veterinary Microbiology 2014;170:375–382 [Web Reference] 12 Apr
Equine. Findley JA et al. Outcome of horses with synovial structure involvement following solar foot penetrations in four UK veterinary hospitals: 95 cases. Equine Veterinary Journal 2014;46:352–357 [Web Reference] 10 Apr
Equine. Jacklin BD et al. A new technique for subtotal (cranial wedge) ostectomy in the treatment of impinging/overriding spinous processes: Description of technique and outcome of 25 cases. Equine Veterinary Journal 2014;46:339–344 [Web Reference] 10 Apr
Equine. Pirie RS. Recurrent airway obstruction: A review. Equine Veterinary Journal 2014;46:276–288 [Web Reference] 10 Apr
Feline. Wall R ed. BROADLINE®, a new topical endectocide formulation for cats. Veterinary Parasitology 2014;202:1-68 [Web Reference] 10 Apr
Equine. Barr ARS, Fairburn AJ. Aspects of coxofemoral luxations in the horse. Equine Veterinary Education 2014;26:259–261 [Web Reference] 8 Apr
Equine. Elce Y. Thyroid masses and their causes. Equine Veterinary Education 2014;26:248–249 [Web Reference] 8 Apr
Canine. Shadwick SR et al. Thyrotoxicosis in a dog induced by the consumption of feces from a levothyroxine-supplemented housemate. Can Vet J 2013;54:987–989 [Web Reference] 7 Apr
Bovine. Schüller LK et al. Impact of heat stress on conception rate of dairy cows in the moderate climate considering different temperature–humidity index thresholds, periods relative to breeding, and heat load indices. Theriogenology 2014;81:1050–1057 [Web Reference] 7 Apr
Caprine. Rosamilia A et al. Detection of border disease virus (BDV) genotype 3 in Italian goat herds. The Veterinary Journal 2014;199:446–450 [Web Reference] 5 Apr
Canine. Fieten H et al. Nutritional management of inherited copper-associated hepatitis in the Labrador retriever. The Veterinary Journal 2014;199:429–433 [Web Reference] 5 Apr
Feline. Munday JS. Papillomaviruses in felids. The Veterinary Journal 2014;199:340–347 [Web Reference] 5 Apr
Equine. Ortved KF et al. Surgical Treatment of 4 Horses for Cryptorchidism Caused by Failure of Regression of the Cranial Suspensory Ligament of the Testis. Veterinary Surgery 2014;43:266–270 [Web Reference] 4 Apr
Canine. Burdick S et al. Endoscopic-guided laser ablation of vestibulovaginal septal remnants in dogs: 36 cases (2007–2011). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 2014:244:944-949 [Web Reference] 4 Apr
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