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Resident Seminar Series

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The Resident Seminar Series is sponsored by the Department of Clinical Sciences and is open to all CVM residents.

8/25/2015 Continuing Education: Learning objectives for the Clinical Investigators' Day and presenting at conferences Meg Thompson, DVM, Clinical Associate Professor of Imaging, Director of Continuing Education, Department of Clinical Sciences


Tools, Tips and Trade Secrets for Your Next Public Presentation Rodney R. Dietert, PhD, Professor of Immunotoxicology, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
9-22-2015 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Nick Boyar, Stress Reduction Educator

Clinical Teaching Workshop
     Link to seminar video recording
     Bedside Teaching Workshop  pdf
     1-Minute Preceptor Model  pdf
     SNAPPS Model  png
     Structured Clinical Observation Form  pdf
     Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise  pdf

T.J. Jirasevijinda, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Director, Pediatric Undergraduate Medical Education, Weill Medical College

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Preparing Your CV and Cover Letter Dorothy Ainsworth, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, Professor of Large Animal Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences
11-3-2015 Thrive (don't just survive) at Cornell Catherine Thrasher-Carroll, MA, Skorton Center for Health Initiatives, Gannett Health Services


Search Strategies, Staying Up-To-Date with the Literature, and an Introduction to Reference Management Software Erin Eldermire, Veterinary Outreach and Scholarly Services Librarian, Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library
12-1-2015 How to Read Papers: Systematic and Analytical Approaches
Seminar recording Video on Demand
Angela McCleary-Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Oncology and Peter Scrivani, Associate Professor of Imaging, Department of Clinical Sciences
12-15-15 Giving and Receiving Feedback Karen Cornell, DVM, PhD, DACVS, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia
2-16-16 Finding and Managing Information: Search Strategies and Reference Management for the Busy House Officer
Library Guide for Veterinary Residents
Erin Eldermire, Veterinary Outreach and Scholarly Services Librarian
3-8-16 So Now You’re a Specialist: Tips for Marketing Yourself at a New Practice Susan Hackner, CMO, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists
3-22-16 Tips and Techniques for Board Exam Preparation Sally Ness, Staff Internist, Cornell Equine & Farm Hospital
Meredith Miller, Lecturer, Department of Clinical Sciences
April Blong, Postdoctoral Associate, Biomedical Sciences
4-5-16 Seminar RESCHEDULED FOR May 31, 2016
4-19-16 Choosing a Research Focus David Panciera, Anne Hunter Professor of Internal Medicine, VA/MD College of Veterinary Medicine
5-3-16 Matters of Life and Death: Legal Issues in Veterinary Patient Management

Valerie Cross-Dorn, Associate University Council

5-17-16 Generating a Hypothesis and Designing a Study to Test It Rob Goggs, Lecturer, Department of Clinical Sciences
5-31-16 To Err is Human: How to Communicate Medical Errors to Your Clients Jamie Morrissey, Senior Lecturer, Department of Clinical Sciences
Gretchen Schoeffler, Senior Lecturer, Department of Clinical Sciences