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Dr. Daniel J. Fletcher

Committee on Teaching and Clinical Service

Improve the teaching and academic component of clinical service in our department

Committee Chair:
Daniel J. Fletcher, Associate Professor, Section of Emergency and Critical Care

Committee Members:
Thomas Divers, Professor of Large Animal Medicine, Section Chief, DCS Resident Advisor (ad hoc Committee member)

Eric Ledbetter, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Carolyn McDaniel, Lecturer, Head Foundation Course VII

John Randolph, Professor of Small Animal Medicine

Meg Thompson, Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Continuing Education , Chair of the Committee on Continuing Education

photo of cat Special Opportunities for Faculty Teaching Improvement

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Veterinary Education Worldwide

ViEW represents a community of individual scholars committed to excellence in veterinary education worldwide. ViEW is a not-for-profit organization which brings together colleagues involved in veterinary education, and shares ideas and experiences with those from allied disciplines such as medicine, dentistry, and nursing. For more information, and to join, please go to

Special Learning Opportunities for Residents

Clinical Investigators' Day


photo of owl Ongoing Opportunities
for Faculty Teaching

Peer Review of Teaching

CU Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

Charge: CTE staff provide support for faculty who are working on improving the classroom experience for their students. Feedback is provided only to you.

Contact: Schedule classroom observations (along with pre- and post- observation meetings) by phone (607-255-3990) or email (

DCS Peer Review of Teaching Form

Department of Clinical Sciences

Charge: College faculty trained by CTE in peer review of teaching are available to observe classroom teaching and review teaching portfolios. Feedback provided to you and your department chair.

Currently trained faculty: Dorothy Ainsworth, Jonathan Cheetham, Susan Fubini, Richard Hackett, Carolyn McDaniel, Linda Mizer, James Morrisey, John Randolph, Gretchen Schoeffler, and Meg Thompson.

Contact: Select trained faculty member with guidance from your mentor and/or department chair to arrange pre- observation, classroom observation, and post-observation meetings.

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CU Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

Locate special faculty seminars on teaching, education assessment workshops, faculty teaching certificate programs, graduate teaching excellence series, and resources for assessing student learning at this website.

CU Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)


How to make the Most of PowerPoint in Lectures

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Teaching Evaluation Handbook

Summarize how to assemble your teaching portfolio including how to collect and present supporting data on teaching evaluations.

Teaching Evaluations by Students

Online resources and tools

Core Evaluation Questions

Supplementary Evaluation Questions

Current DCS Course Evaluation Templates


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Ongoing Learning Opportunities for Residents/Interns


Advanced Veterinary Anesthesia Seminar Series
Weekly seminars by DCS faculty on anesthesia topics of interest to post-DVM trainees.

Nestle-Purina Faculty Seminar Series
Presentations on current research or timely topics in medicine given by members of the faculty or invited speakers. All are invited.

DCS Resident Seminar Series
Bi-weekly seminars designed to improve the teaching and research experiences for residents.

Key seminars have been videotaped to allow continuing access to residents. Note: Do not share these lectures outside of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Videotaped Lectures - DCS Resident Seminar Series

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Small Animal Medicine -
Resident Seminar Series
(2012 Schedule)
Weekly in-depth discussions of topics for Small Animal ACVIM board preparation.

Pathophysiology Courses (surgical emphasis)
These 6 lecture courses, designed for the surgery resident and given by the faculty in the veterinary college, are system based (gastrointestinal, cardiothoracic, urogenital, orthopedic, neurologic, and general principles) providing information central to the art of surgery and perioperative case management.

DCS Surgical Seminar Series
Monthly seminars on current areas of interest or research topics. Participants include residents, graduate students, post doctoral candidates, and faculty.

Intern Continuing Education Series
Designed to enhance the educational experience of recent graduates. Weekly lectures cover a wide range of topics, including emergency and critical care, surgery, oncology, and nutrition. Participants also will have an opportunity to present a Grand Rounds seminar with support from a faculty mentor.

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