Clinical Investigators' Day


Investigators' Day
Friday, October 6, 2017


            Important Dates

•  Notify your faculty mentor to discuss participation in the Clinical Investigators' Day.

Date TBA; Tuesday, 8:00 am
•  Learning Objective/Powerpoint Seminar.
Resident Seminar Series
, CPC C2539
Date TBA; Tuesday, 8:00 am
•  Presentation Skills Seminar.
Resident Seminar Series, CPC C2539

July 17; Monday, 5:00pm
•  Email tentative abstract title to Kim Eaton.

August 21; Monday, 5:00 pm
•  Email completed abstract to: Kim Eaton
•  Abstract Instructions
•  Abstract Template
•  Sample Abstract

September 5; Tuesday, 5:00 pm
•  Committee critiqued abstracts returned to applicants by this date.

September 18; Monday, 5:00 pm
•  Final MS Word abstract emailed to: Kim Eaton
•  Attach: Abstract, Curriculum Vitae and personal Photo (if applicable).
•  Include Learning Objective in email body.
•  Ensure your mentor is copied on the email.

October 6, 2017; Friday, 8:30 am
•  Clinical Investigators' Day
•  Veterinary Research Tower, Lecture Hall 3

Times subject to change

Questions?  Please feel free to contact the co-chairs of the program:

Elizabeth Buckles
Erin Daugherity
Mary Martin
Tracy Stokol

Call for Abstracts: Guidelines for Submission

The following guidelines are provided for submitting your abstract and other required material for Clinical Investigators' Day oral presentations on Friday, October 6, 2017.

Eligibility: Interns, residents and research fellows from the following units are eligible to submit abstracts:
•  Department of Clinical Sciences
•  Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
•  Ambulatory and Production Medicine
•  Cornell University Hospital for Animals
•  Shelter Medicine
•  Center for Animal Resources and Education

Requirements for applicants:
1. Abstract
2. Personal photo, if applicable
3. Curriculum Vitae
4. Learning objective (1)

Abstracts Requirements
•  Applicants should discuss the preparation of their abstract(s) with their mentors well in advance of the submission deadline.
•  Applicants are eligible to submit up to 2 abstracts; however, depending on the quality and number of abstracts submitted, the organizing committee retains the option of restricting each trainee to 1 presentation.
•  Abstracts from residents in the second or third years of their program will be given priority for inclusion in the program.
•  All abstracts will be pre-screened by the selection committee for inclusion in the program.
•  Studies in their early stages are welcomed.
•  Complete or partial results of research projects will be accepted for presentation.
•  However, they will need to meet the minimum requirements for submission as determined by the selection committee.
•  Preference will be given to projects which are in more advanced stages.
•  Case series of greater than 3 cases that highlight novel or unusual presentations will be accepted.
•  Single case reports will not be considered.
•  Abstract(s) should include an introduction outlining the background to the work, a brief description of methods, followed by a results and discussion section.
•  Information on the preparation of an abstract is provided below and a completed sample abstract is provided.

Submitting Abstracts
•  Use the Abstract Instructions and Sample Abstract for guidance.
•  Use the Microsoft Word Abstract Template as a form to fill in.  Insert the document as an attachment to the email.
•  Applicants must email Kim Eaton the completed abstract by the abstract deadline: 5 pm, Monday, August 21.


Review, Revise & Resubmit
•  This process is designed to assist in the presentation of concise abstracts and is highly recommended.
•  A review and critique of the abstract will be provided by members of the organizing committee.
•  Comments and recommendations for improvement will be returned by Tuesday, September 5..
•  Your mentor must be copied on the e-mail to Mr. Eaton when submitting the final abstract.
•  Submission of revised FINAL abstracts are due to Kim Eaton by email by 5 pm, Monday, September 18.
•  Ensure the following four items are included in the final submission email:

  1. Final Abstract
  2. Personal Photo (optional)
    •  Your CUHA arrival photo will accompany your abstract in a booklet of the day's events.
    •  If you wish to use a photo different than your CUHA photo, please submit an attachment containing the image to accompany the final abstract.
    •  Photographs may be in the jpg or gif format or inserted in a Microsoft Word document.
  3. Curriculum Vitae
    •  An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae is required.
    •  Email this Microsoft Word attachment with your final abstract.
  4. Learning Objective
    •  An informational session will be held TBA in C2539 CPC.
    •  You will be apprised of the guidelines to submit a learning objective to fulfill the requirements for continuing education credit.
    •  Please submit the learning objective in the body of the email containing the final abstract.

Oral Presentations
•  Oral presentations will take place during Clinical Investigators' Day, Friday, October 6, 2017 in Lecture Hall III.
•  Each presentation will be limited to a maximum time duration.  Depending on the number of abstracts to be presented, it is anticipated that presentations will be 10-15 minutes; 8-10 minutes for presentations and 2-5 minutes for questions and answers.
•  Presentations will be judged based on scientific content of the abstract (including significance of the study, experimental design/approach, interpretation of data, and written abstract presentation) and the Oral Presentation (Delivery, Organization, Visual Aids, Clarity, and Response to Questions).