Cancer Care at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals  

The Sprecher Institute for Comparative Cancer Research


The beloved pet of Denise Wilson, MD and Gregory Smith was the inspiration for the NUNA Fund which supports the Animal Care Center of the Cornell Companion Animal Hospital.



Beloved companion of Peter R. Hale and experienced therapy dog. Significant contributions
in honor of Otis help support development of this web service.


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The Cornell Comparative Oncology Program is committed to providing information and resources for the control of cancer in all species. The program was established in 1999 and was generously funded by the College of Veterinary Medicine such that a comprehensive service to clients could be established immediately.

We are also committed to fiscal responsibility by creating a program that is self-sufficient within a 5 year period. Research grants, hospital revenue and philanthropy all contribute to the ability of this new program to reach its potential of returning the initial investment and continuing to add services and resources. In order to realize all of our goals, we need your continued interest and financial support.

Your support is critical

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Comparative Cancer Program
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