Department of Biomedical Sciences


Surgical Pathology Seminar is offered each Fall and Spring semester, every Tuesday at 8-9 a.m. in Schurman Hall S2-115.

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Dr. Sean McDonough
Professor Veterinary Pathology
Biomedical Sciences

phone: 607-253-4299

Surgical Pathology

The major objective of this course is to introduce students (veterinary and graduate students, residents) to the gross and microscopic features of necropsy pathology. Selected material from the Necropsy Service and elsewhere is prepared in advance for independent review by the students. This material is presented in a slide-seminar format by the students under the review of the faculty. Emphasis is on pathogenesis, etiology, and pathologic description of the lesions. In addition, appropriate guest lecturers cover specific areas of interest and special topics not encountered in the departmental service programs.