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Surgical Pathology Seminar is offered each fall and spring semester for the anatomic pathology residents and is moderated weekly by Cornell faculty and invited speakers.  It meets Tuesdays from 8 to 9 am in the AHDC Conference Room.

Pathology Senior Rotation Schedule VTMED 5609 as of 11/2016

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Dr. Andrew Miller
Assistant Professor, Veterinary Pathology
Biomedical Sciences
phone: 607-253-3319

Surgical Pathology Seminar

The objective of this course is to introduce anatomic pathology residents to the microscopic features of diagnostic and research pathology. Slide and case material given to the pathology residents a week prior will be reviewed by the anatomic pathology residents, guided by the faculty moderator. Pathology residents are expected to present the cases and be prepared to answer relevant questions as they relate to the case material. Emphasis is on pathogenesis, etiology, and pathologic description of the lesions. Invited speakers typically cover areas that are less of an emphasis in the Cornell training program (e.g. industrial and toxicologic pathology).