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Exterior of the Institute

Exterior of the Baker Institute main entrance.Peggy Brosnahan and an equine friend.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Baker Institute for Animal Health is dedicated to carrying out basic research in animal health, particularly with respect to companion animals, and to advancing the application of research to benefit the health of animals. The Institute also compounds these contributions into the future by training the next generation of scientists and veterinarian scientists.

The faculty, staff, and trainees at the Baker Institute for Animal Health strive to build on the success of the past to become a leading center for basic research in animal health. The Institute seeks to foster excellence and address real-world problems by focusing attention on a strategic selection of cutting-edge fields of research.  The Institute also seeks to be a leader in training scientists and veterinarian scientists in state-of-the-art methods in animal health research. By applying innovative and collaborative approaches in research and training, the Baker Institute strives every day to improve the lives of animals and humans alike.


  • Excellence in research. We assume a leadership role in the global veterinary medicine community and are dedicated to conducting the highest caliber research in animal health.
  • Collaboration. Recognizing that the most inventive research often crosses traditional academic and medical disciplines, the Institute strives to deliver the highest caliber results by working with partners here at home within the Institute, in the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, and in institutions around the world.
  • Education. The Institute is committed to educating tomorrow’s scientists and veterinarian scientists in state-of-the-art methods in animal health research and in providing them with the professional support and guidance they need to succeed.
  • A culture of learning. We are committed to an environment that promotes and inspires continuous personal and professional development by encouraging people to rethink current best practices and continually evaluate perceptions.