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Principal Investigator: Adam Boyko

Department of Biomedical Sciences
Email:; Phone: 607-253-3503
Sponsor: The University of Michigan-(NIH/NIGMS)
Grant Number: 3002961976
Title: Comprehensive Characterization of Canine Genomic Structural Diversity
Project Amount: $148,698
Project Period: 09/05/13-04/30/14

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Cornell University will be responsible for Biobanking and array genotyping of samples for this project, and integrating these datasets with existing array data collected in other association studies. In collaboration with University of Michigan, Cornell will take primary responsibility for evaluating and developing novel statistical methods for inferring copy‐number variation from dense SNP‐array and aCGH platforms. Cornell will analyze array data for over 4000 samples being genotyped on semi‐custom Illumina CanineHD arrays and conduct additional genotyping on 250 samples for this project. Cornell will also lead the effort to associate particular CNV elements with breed relationships and phenotypes, and will collaborate with senior personnel at University of Michigan to analyze and publish results. Cornell will deliver CNV call sets for 4000 dogs based on SNP array samples by the end of year 1. Cornell will also deliver CNV call sets and raw data from the custom array designed for this project within six months of the manufacture and receipt of the custom arrays.