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Principal Investigator: Judith Appleton

Baker Institute for Animal Health
Contact Information:  Email:, Phone:  607-256-5648
Sponsor: NIH-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
Grant Number: 1 R56 AI097555-01A1
Title:  Eosinophils Support Nematode Infection
Annual Direct Cost:  $266,000
Project Period: 07/11/2012-06/30/2013

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Nematodes are important causes of morbidity in human populations around the world. Our findings have changed the way we view the eosinophil, a cell type that is prominent in the immune response to nematode infection. The proposed experiments will determine how the eosinophil directs the development of immunity in a way that supports the survival of a parasitic worm, Trichinella spiralis.