Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library

Customized DVM Curriculum Services

Are there areas of D.V.M. courses in which students could benefit from a guide or bibliography of materials on a clinical topic or specialty? Could students profit from a refresher on how to search for materials in a particular subject area?

To arrange for training classes, other instruction, or individual assistance, simply call for Reference Services at 607-253-3510 or send an e-mail to vetref@cornell.edu.

The Reference Librarian is enthusiastic about

  • Providing course and non-course related support and advice to your students or attendees in a class or tutor group session or meeting,
  • Preparing customized bibliographies on topics of current or ongoing interest, or
  • Giving personalized demonstrations or presentations on finding and using the veterinary medical literature.

Sessions can also be scheduled to help students begin a research paper on a certain topic or to otherwise design a class that meets your needs. These sessions can also be conducted for the continuing education of practicing veterinarians.

Recent examples of course-related presentations include:

  • Practice Management
    Session on various resources available in the Library and on the Web related to business functions and other aspects of managing veterinary practices
  • Selected Infectious Diseases of Swine
    Session on finding and evaluating Web-based resources related to swine health and production.
  • Annual Conference for Veterinarians
    Session on Finding Veterinary Resources on the World Wide Web
  • Fred Scott Feline Symposium
    Session on New Information Resources for Veterinarians (including E-journal Access and PDA Applications in Veterinary Medicine)