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IACUC Services

A reference librarian in the Veterinary Library is available to help you to prepare – or prepare for you - a comprehensive search of the literature that is required by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in order to submit new or renewal protocols for review and approval. This is required by law for all experimental, clinical, or educational protocols utilizing animals according to the Animal Welfare Act of 1976 (with amendments) as well as the Food Security Act of 1985.

To arrange an IACUC search or consultation, simply contact Reference Services at 607-253-3510 or vetref@cornell.edu.

The Literature Search
The literature search must provide information related to the 3 R’s which are:

  • Reduction in the number of animals used
  • Refinement of techniques and procedures to reduce pain or distress
  • Replacement of animals with non-animal techniques or use of less-sentient species.

To enable a determination of the adequacy of the search performed and provide the ability to reproduce it if needed, the literature search report must include the:

  • Date the search was conducted
  • Databases searched
  • Search strategy with keywords and combinations used, and
  • Number of references retrieved

Help from the Veterinary Library
While many researchers and scientists conduct their own IACUC protocol searches, a reference librarian in the Veterinary Library can provide expert advice on which databases to use along with appropriate search strategies for those doing their own searching.

Typically, there is no cost for IACUC searches prepared by the Library for Veterinary College faculty and research personnel.

Additional Resources
Further information about IACUC protocol searching can be found at: