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Enduring Veterinary Legacy

Part II: The Growth of Clinical Medicine (1950 - 1974)

The golden age of veterinary medicine spawns rapid growth in veterinary practice. Veterinary public health emerges as a important discipline in response to heightened awareness of zoonotic diseases.

Returning veterans flood American colleges during the second half of the 1940s and pursue a wide range of professional activities. Small animal practices grow rapidly despite the fact that the curricula of veterinary still emphasize instruction relating to large animal species.

Veterinary research yields major progress in diagnostics, vaccine development, and clinical medicine. Veterinary specialties begin to develop.

Biographies and Interviews

Comans, Carolyn Foster, CU '60
Fallon, Edward Hagyard, CU ’56
Lynk, Robert E., CU '61
Reeve, Linda Dixon [Peddie], CU ’65
Ross, George E. Jr., KSU '60
Thomson, Patricia Herr, CU '60
Walther, Jack O., UC-Davis '63