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arrow$40 per year ($45 International)
arrow$100 for 3 years ($115 International)

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Cornell Feline Health Center

Dr. Bruce Kornreich
Associate Director for Education and Outreach
235 Hungerford Hill Road
Ithaca, NY 14853-6401
phone: 607-253-3414
Fax: 607-253-3419

1-800-KITTYDR (1-800-548-8937)


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The Center offers membership opportunities for both veterinarians and cat owners. Membership provides the cat-loving community with timely information on feline topics and aids the center's continuing research and public education efforts on behalf of beloved cat companions everywhere. We are happy to accept new members at any time during the year. Prior to membership expiration, members receive an invitation to renew.

Professional Membership
(for veterinarians)

Designed for the veterinarian, professional membership includes:

Supporting Membership
(for cat owners)

As a supporting member, individuals and cat owners receive:

Standard Membership
(for cat owners)

This category entitles individuals and cat owners to receive a choice of two of the Center's feline health brochures