Cornell Feline Health Center


Scott_webFounded in 1974 by Fred Scott DVM, PhD, the Cornell Feline Health Center was the first center dedicated solely to the improvement of feline health and well-being. Since its inception, the Center has contributed significantly to our understanding of a variety of feline health issues including the diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases, the mechanism of feline inflammatory bowel disease, the spread of respiratory disease in shelters, the treatment of a variety of feline cancers, and improved methods of maintaining the genetic diversity of endangered species. Old_cat_exam

Funded solely by the philanthropy of our donors, the Cornell Feline Health Center has a proud legacy of supporting basic and clinical research, disseminating vital information and providing support to veterinary health professionals and cat lovers, supporting the education of tomorrow’s top-notch veterinarians and researchers, and responding to emergent health issues that affect cats worldwide.

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Cat laying next to The Cornell Book of Cats

The leading reference for cats and cat owners

A complete feline reference, including information on nutrition, reproduction, breeds, anatomy, and more. Available online.

Yesterday's insights are the foundation for today's treatments

The Cornell Feline Health Center has been educating veterinarians, cat breeders, and pet owners for nearly 40 years.

Basic research fuels innovation

Research funded by the Cornell Feline Health Center is at the root of life-saving treatments and preventative strategies used in exam rooms around the world.

Dr. Jean Holzworth '50 is remembered as the mother of feline medicine

The Holzworth legacy lives on through a $2.5 million bequest that supports research and funds one of the College's Clinical Fellowships.

Dr. Jim Richards was a nationally recognized expert in cat care

A lecturer in veterinary medicine and a lover of all cats, Dr. Richards' legacy is seen daily in the Center's dedication to improving the lives of cats everywhere.

Service to the community

Whether through personal appearances at events where cat lovers can be found or via the Camuti Consultation phone service, Center experts are available to help.