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Clinical Trials

Thank you for your interest in our research studies. Our mission is to provide and deliver the highest level of medical care, concern and commitment, professionalism, and scientific expertise to our patients.



Oncology (Cancer) Investigating a New Drug for Osteosarcoma
  Lymphoma: Banking Lymph Nodes
Neurology New Pain Medication for Dog Having Back Surgery
Emergency/Critical Care Treatment of Dogs with Immune-Medicated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)
  Outcome of Trauma in Emergencies
Soft Tissue Surgery The Effect of Padding Surgical Retractors on Incisional Healing in Canine Abdominal Surgery
Internal Medicine Determining if Dogs with Autoimmune Disease have Low Vitamin D Levels
Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation NewUtilizing a Collar to Monitor Pain and Activity in Dogs with Osteoarthritis
  Using Platelet Rich Plasma to treat Dogs suffering with Arthritis and Lameness in One Knee



Oncology (Cancer) Developing a New Treatment for Cats with Injection Site Sarcomas
Genetics Using Healthy Senior Cats as Controls for Genetic Mapping
Dentistry Treatment for Cats with Non-Responsive Stomatitis
Emergency/Critical Care NewStudying Feline Sepsis in Emergency Situations
Microbiology and Immunology Understanding the genetics of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
Cornell Feline Health Center Feline Tick/Lyme Disease Surveillance Program
  Investigating a New Class of Anti-cancer Drugs for Mammary Cancer



  No Studies at this time



Rabbit NewDetermining the Best Treatment for Rabbits with Gastric Outflow Obstruction