Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program



Cornell Combined DVM/PhD Degree Program

Combined DVM/PhD Curriculum:
Laboratory Rotations

Trainees are required to rotate through at least three laboratories. The purpose of the rotations is to enable each student to assess a variety of training opportunities before he or she designates a Special Committee Chair. The Chair may be a faculty member either of the College of Veterinary Medicine or another College, but must be a member of the Cornell Graduate School faculty. Although the time spent in each laboratory may vary, it is expected that each rotation will be a meaningful experience. When selecting rotation laboratories, students are strongly encouraged to review faculty web sites, read publications result from the faculty member's research, meet with current graduate students in the laboratory and find out about the resources available to conduct research within the laboratory and the department of record.

Each student and faculty mentor is required to complete an evaluation form at the end of each rotation. Completed forms should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Education. You may find the form below:.