Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program


Veterinarian Scientists

Program Faculty

Training is offered in a variety of disciplines. All of the participating faculty listed below are nationally competitive research scientists and accomplished mentors. The research interests of each faculty member can be obtained by accessing their websites.

Successful students will choose to rotate through three laboratories of the participating faculty prior to settling on a home laboratory. If trainees wish to rotate through labs of faculty not listed below, they must first obtain permission from the Training Director (Dr. John Parker, To ensure continued funding, trainees must obtain approval for the faculty member with whom they choose to continue their graduate studies. Because of the nature of their scientific projects or their funding sources, not all faculty members are eligible to be trainers on this NIH-funded Program.

Participating Faculty

Faculty Member Department Affiliation
Gregory M. Acland Baker Institute
Avery August Microbiology and Immunology
Joel Baines Microbiology and Immunology
Richard A. Cerione Molecular Medicine
Paula Cohen Biomedical Sciences
Ruth N. Collins Molecular Medicine
Scott A. Coonrod Baker Institute
Robin L. Davisson Biomedical Sciences
Eric Denkers Microbiology and Immunology
Julia Felippe Clinical Sciences
Yrjo T. Gröhn Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
Natasza Kurpios Molecular Medicine
Cynthia Leifer Microbiology and Immunology
Alex Nikitin Biomedical Sciences
Alan J. Nixon Clinical Sciences
Robert E. Oswald Molecular Medicine
John S. Parker Baker Institute
Colin R. Parrish Baker Institute
Mark S. Roberson Biomedical Sciences
David G. Russell Microbiology and Immunology
John C. Schimenti Biomedical Sciences
Holger Sondermann Molecular Medicine
Alex Travis Biomedical Sciences
Robert S. Weiss Biomedical Sciences
Gary R. Whittaker Microbiology and Immunology