Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program


Graduate Field of Study

Zoology & Wildlife Conservation

The Graduate Field of Zoology & Wildlife Conservation (ZWC) is the descendent of one of the earliest areas of advanced study established at Cornell.  The research focus of faculty in the Field is on vertebrate and invertebrate studies at the organismic level, emphasizing comparative, functional and developmental morphology.  Many of our faculty and students have taxon-oriented, physiological, or ecological approaches to the study of life. 


The Field of Zoology & Wildlife Conservation is a member of the Biological & Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BBS), applicants should follow the BBS application guidelines.  ZWC requires two (2) letters of recommendation for an applicant to the Field.

Field of Zoology & Wildlife Conservation students also have an opportunity for Collaboration with Conservation Biology Institute of the Smithsonian Institute (SCBI).   Please see the Program Overview for more information. More information can also be found in a October 27, 2011 press release - Cornell Smithsonian Joint Graduate Program Trains Future Wildlife Conservation Scientists

maned wolf pups