Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program


Graduate Field of Study

Zoology & Wildlife Conservation Faculty

Warren Allmon
Dr. Warren Allmon
Macroevolution; paleoecology; molluscan systematics

William BemisDr. William Bemis

comparative vertebrate anatomist chiefly interested in the evolution of bony and cartilaginous fishes
Dwight Bowman
Dr. Dwight Bowman
Nematode and protozoan biology; taxonomy; systemic biology
Elizabeth Buckles
Dr. Elizabeth Buckles
How diseases of animals impact them on an individual and population level; conservation medicine
Yung-Fu Chang
Dr. Yung-Fu Chang
Mechanisms of infection, particularly leptospira and salmonella
Dr. Christopher Clark
Dr. Christopher Clark
Evolution and adaptive significance of acoustic signaling behaviors in animals with particular emphasis on marine mammals
Pierre Comizzoli
Dr. Pierre Comizzoli
Reproductive physiology; fertility preservation and control for rare and endatngered species; assisted reproductive techniques; cryobiology of gametes and reproductive tissues; biostabilization
Paul Curtis
Dr. Paul Curtis
Animal behavior; population ecology; reproductive biology
Joanne Fortune
Dr. Joanne Fortune
Reproductive biology/endocrinology, particularly the development and function of ovarian follicles. The current focus is the formation of ovarian follicles and their transition from the resting stage (primordial follicle) to the growing stage. We have developed, and are currently using, in vitro models to study the regulation of these early stages of follicular development in bovine ovaries
Catherine Harvell
Dr. Catherine Harvell
Invertebrate zoology; evolution of invertebrate life histories; colonial invertebrates
John Hermanson
Dr. John Hermanson
Comparative and functional morphology; muscle development, structure, and function
George Kollias
Dr. George Kollias
Wildlife health and pathobiology
Amy McCune
Dr. Amy McCune
Ichthyology; morphology; systematics; development and evolution; paleobiology
Hussni Mohammed
Dr. Hussni Mohammed
Epidemiology of infectious diseases; quantitative and analytical epidemiology; epidemiological risk assessment and analysis; veterinary public health and food safety; production medicine
Drew Noden
Dr. Drew Noden
Mechanisms of vertebrate craniofacial development; neuroembryology
Ned Place
Dr. Ned Place
Mammalian reproductive biology with a focus on the life history of trade-offs associated with timing of hormone secretion and reproductive effort; sexual differentiation
William Provine
Dr. William Provine
History of modern genetics and evolution
Dr. Budhan Pukazhenthi

Comparative reproductive biology; Assisted reproductive technologies; Wildlife conservation

Vimal Selvaraj
Dr. Vimal Selvaraj
Mammalian reproductive physiology; stem cells; technologies for wildlife conservation
Dr. Nucharin Songsasen
Reproductive biology; cyrobiology; wildlife conservation
Susan Suarez
Dr. Susan Suarez
Sperm motility, regulation, and transport in the female reproductive tract
Alexander Travis
Dr. Alexander Travis
Reproductive biology focusing on sperm and spermatogonial stem cells; wildlife conservation through approaches integrating studies of animals, humans, and the environments they share
David Winkler
Dr. David Winkler
Evolutionary and behavioral ecology; ornithology