Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

molecular imaging  

Pharmacology Faculty

Avery August
Avery August

Research interests: mechanisms of signal transduction by non-receptor tyrosine Kinases; mechanisms of calcium signaling; regulation of actin cytoskeleton dynamics

Dr. Barbara Baird
Barbara Baird

Research interests: structures and molecular mechanisms of cell surface immunoreceptors

Dr. Richard Cerione
Richard Cerione

Research interests: mechanisms of signal transduction by growth factors

Josh Chappie
Research Interests: Structural biology, biophysics, protein biochemistry, bacterial pathogenesis and defense systems, infection/agent, intracellular trafficking, nucleotide-driven molecular machines, molecular membrane remodeling, protein-nucleic acid interactions
Dr. Ruth Collins
Ruth Collins

Research interests: pharmacology; cancer cell biology; small GTPase regulation of intracellular traffic and cellular growth control

Scott Coonrod
Scott Coonrod

Research interests: reproductive physiology; molecular and cellular physiology; epigenetic reprogramming during the egg-to-embryo transition; mechanisms by which specific histone modifications are dynamically regulated during hormone-dependent gene transcription in breast cancer cells

Dr. Brian Crane
Brian Crane

Research interests: metalloenzym structure and catalysis; protein electron transfer; nitric oxide enzymology; bacterial chemotaxis; circadian clock photo sensors

Robin DandoRobin Dando

Research interests: behavioral physiology; molecular and cellular physiology; neural and sensory physiology; physiological genomics; neurotransmitter interactions and signaling events which occurring within the taste system; behavioral science; human sensory analysis
Dr. Joseph Fetcho
Joseph Fetcho

Research interests: motor control; regeneration; sleep

Maria Garcia-Garcia
Maria Garcia-Garcia


Research interests:developmental biology in mice and flies; genetics of developmental mechanisms that influence embryonic morphology

 Gunther Hollopeter
Research interests:membrane trafficking in multicellular systems, molecular machinery, in vivo imaging, C.elegans genetics
Toshi Kawate
Toshi Kawate


Research interests:structures and mechanics of membrane proteins that regulate extracellular signaling

Dr. Michael Kotlikoff
Michael Kotlikoff

Research interests: calcium signaling; molecular and cellular biology; gene targeting

Dr. Natasza Kurpios
Natasza Kurpios

Research interests: signaling factors that shape gut morphology during development

Roy Levine
  Roy Levine
Research interests: cancer cell biology; lung development
Dr. David Lin
David Lin

Research interests: axon guidance and target selection during development of mouse olfactory systems using genetics in vitro and genomic approaches; developmental biology; olfaction; azon guidance

Hening Lin
Hening Lin

Research interests: protein post-translational modifications with a focus on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) dependent modifications and diphthamide

Dr. Manfred Lindau
Manfred Lindau

Research interests: biophysics

Dr. Maurine Linder
Maurine Linder

Research interests: regulation of cell signaling by protein lipidation. 

Dr. Linda Nowak
Linda Nowak

Research interests: neuropharmacology; biophysical and molecular analysis of glutamate receptor channels

Dr. Robert Oswald
Robert Oswald

Research interests: pharmacology and biophysics of neurotransmitter receptors; protein structure

Dr. Mark Roberson
Mark Roberson

Research interests: molecular endocrinology in reproductive tissues

Picture of Dr. Brian RuddBrian Rudd

Research interests: Developmental biology; mechanisms regulating the host response to infection
Carolyn Sevier
Carolyn Sevier

Research interests: signaling of cellular oxidative stress; molecular mechanisms used by cellular pathways that sense and signal redox imbalances within the cell

Geoffrey Sharp
Geoffrey Sharp
Research interests: signal transduction and insulin secretion
Dr. Holger Sondermann
Holger Sondermann

Research interests: structural biology; cell signaling; biochemistry; biophysics

Gregory Weiland
Gregory Weiland
Research interests: neuropharmacology; receptor mechanisms
Dr. Gary Whittaker
Gary Whittaker

Research interests: virology and cell biology