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Graduate Minor Field of Study


Mission & Objectives: 

The graduate Minor Field of Genomics provides both broad and specific training in genomics.  Forty three graduate students are currently minoring in genomics at Cornell, and study problems from development, to nutrition, to marine biology. Together with the Center for Vertebrate Genomics and the Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics, students in the minor are part of Cornell’s vibrant and active genomics research community.

image from Buckley labMinoring in Genomics:

Graduate students in any Field generally declare a major field of study and a minor field of study. Students choosing to minor in genomics must take one core course (BioGD 4000 -- A Genomics approach to studying Life) that provide overviews of genomic approaches to the study of Life, and the technologies underlying such studies. Students must also take two additional courses (at least one credit each) which offer training in specific areas relevant to genomics.

There are also two genomics training grants that students may qualify for. These training grants focus on Developmental Genomics and Reproductive Genomics.


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