Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program



Prospective Students

The Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) Graduate Program at Cornell University is home to a wide variety of students and faculty with diverse academic backgrounds and research interests related to improving both human and animal health.  The program consists of an umbrella structure, which provides graduate students with a common academic experience and the guarantee of full funding (tuition, health insurance and stipend) for the duration of the student’s program. Students apply and are admitted into one of our five graduate fields, where they receive expert guidance throughout their doctoral studies.

The program’s placement within the veterinary college affords students unique research opportunities in that they can access a tremendous breadth and depth of animal models, utilize a variety of  specialized core facilities, including a state-of-the-art multi-species DNA databank and associated microarray core, and draw on faculty with extensive experience in comparative medicine. Students without a background or interest in pursuing veterinary medicine find that the program offers high level basic and biomedical research training, a flexible curriculum and clinical or translational research opportunities that often surpass those found in other top biological and biomedical graduate programs housed in human medical schools. With publications in such front-line journals as Nature and Science, externally sponsored grant and contract support of nearly $31 million and prestigious fellowships from national health and science organizations, the exceptional BBS faculty has established one of the premier health and medical research institutions in the country.

During the first year of the BBS program Ph.D. students rotate in three labs. These rotations are designed to provide a range of research experiences, with the ultimate goal of finding a faculty mentor who is willing to accept the student into their lab and provide funding for the duration of the research project. Students generally set up the first rotation with the help of the Director of Graduate Studies during the Orientation period. All first year BBS students will take BIOAP 6100 - By Scientific Design: Skill Building for a Career in the Life Sciences during the Fall semester. Topics for this course will include grant writing, public presentations, design of experiments, interpretation of data, and literature analysis.

We invite all individuals who are interested in pursuing basic biomedical research or translational research to apply to the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program at Cornell. No matter what their research interests, our BBS graduates have used their training and research to significantly impact the world in academia, government and industry.

Funding:  All students admitted to the Biological & Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program will be funded for the duration of their program (contingent upon satisfactory performance).  An application to the BBS program is considered an application for funding.