2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Adam Werts


I grew up in the small village of Onekama, Michigan.  I completed my bachelor’s degree in biology at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In 2006 I moved to North Carolina to pursue a PhD. in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology.  As a PhD. student in the laboratory of Dr. Bob Goldstein, my research focused on how cell-cell signaling can localize cortically tethered cell polarity proteins to orient the mitotic spindle and control the cell division plane and daughter cell fate.  While my PhD. research was mostly basic science, I became interested how basic biological discoveries could be applied to clinical medicine through translational science.  To pursue these interests, I sought out medical training by enrolling in veterinary school at North Carolina State University.  



Like many veterinarians, I enjoy animals, nature, and being outdoors.  In my free time I love hiking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, biking, painting, and reading.  I also love to work with my hands and do physical work such as landscaping and carpentry, although I admit, I am quite an amateur in these two fields.

Career Goal:

I would like to pursue a career in academia, government, or industry as a boarded specialist and researcher.  I am most interested in regenerative medicine, intravital microscopy, and application of basic biology discoveries in a clinical setting.   I am not quite sure where my education will eventually take me, but I love science and I am excited to delve into a different field this summer.