2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Lauren Hamstead


I grew up in Yorkshire in the north of England, we moved from a small town into the countryside when I was 10 years old. I have ridden horses since I was young and through my hobby I first became interested in being a vet. As I got older my interest in science deepened and I decided I would enjoy a career as a scientist, but I still wanted to combine my scientific interest with clinical knowledge. I applied to the Royal Veterinary College to study Veterinary Medicine with an intercalated degree in Veterinary Science. Having completed my science degree I had plenty of opportunities to undertake short projects and became interested in reproductive biology, especially in horses. I will spend the next three years completing the clinical years of my veterinary medicine degree.



As well a horse-riding, I enjoy playing rugby for the RVC ladies team, I have played for three years now and really enjoy getting involved in matches and socials. I also enjoy reading and have taken the opportunity to go to the theatre as often as I can while I have lived in London. For two years I have worked as a steward at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, and so have been able to see the plays quite often!

Career Goal:

After I have finished my veterinary studies I would like to complete a PhD and see my career being in academia. I would like to work as a post-doc in different labs around the world, taking the opportunity to travel as I work. In the longer term I would like my research to directly inform the treatment of animals.