2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Enio Sanmarti




I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. I moved to the United States in 2001 for my last year of high school. I obtained my B.S. in Animal Biology at the University of California, Davis. After graduating, I was part of research lab at UC Davis working on mechanisms that organisms have adapted to osmotic, heat, and toxic stress. I then transitioned from biological to clinical research as part of a veterinary oncology research team at UC Davis working on synergistic effects of radiosensitization and target drugs to provide better treatment alternatives for different cancers in dogs and cats. I am currently a first year veterinary student here at Cornell University. My interest is in internal medicine. My species of interest are small animals, especially cats, but I am very passionate about conservation medicine with emphasis on other fields.


Aside from school’s extracurricular activities, I really enjoy everything involving water, frozen or not, from wakeboarding to snowboarding and everything in between. I also enjoy land sports like soccer, racquetball, and cycling amongst others.

Career Goal:

My career goal is to be in academia incorporating research findings to better care for our furry friends. I really enjoy internal medicine, and with growing global concerns with species depletions, I am interested in ways to translate medicine and research findings from our domestic animals and humans to our companions in the wild.