2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Participants 2010

Emily Ames University of Calgary Mentor: Scott Coonrod Project: Expression and Characterization of MATER in Cat Oocytes
Jeffrey Beverly Cornell University Mentor: Chris Schaffer Project: Animal models of small-scale stroke
Mirjam Brackhan TiHo Hannover Mentor: Holger Sondermann Project: Molecular Mechanisms in Bacterial Biofilm Formation
Heike Breuer TiHo Hannover Mentor: Scott Coonrod Project: Regulation of PADI2-expression in DCIS tumor cells
Jennifer Cassano Cornell University Mentor: Nathaniel Sutter/ David Lin Project: Horse Size Genetics (with Dr. Sutter) and Neurodegeneration in Mice (with Dr. Lin)
Zachary Chillag University of Georgia Mentor: Gary Whittaker Project: Mechanisms of Viral Entry into Host Cells: Use of Aminopeptidase N as a Receptor for Feline, Canine and Ferret coronaviruses
Gregory Dickens Cambridge University (Selwyn College) Mentor: Moonsoo Jin Project: Inflammation-targeted Drug Delivery by Engineered Active Beta-1 Integrin I-like Domains
Clinton Doering University of Calgary Mentor: Yrjo Tapio Gröhn Project: Computer modeling of antimicrobial resistance in enteric bacterial commensal populations
Line Greve University of Copenhagen Mentor: Lisa Fortier Project: Defining the DNA Methylation Status of Sox2 and Nanog of the Subpopulation of Equine Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells in Adult Bone Marrow Aspirate Before and After In Vitro Osteogenic and Adipogenic Differentiation
Samantha Hodgkins Cornell University Mentor: John Parker Project: The role of the D2 domain of feline Junctional Adhesion Molecule A (fJAM-A) in regulating host cell specificity of Feline Calicivirus (FCV) infection
Sarah Hooper University of Georgia Mentor: Craig Altier Project: Antisense mechanisms of gene regulation in Salmonella
Sanne Hugen Universiteit Utrecht Mentor: Robert Weiss Project: Investigating DNA damage response activation in testicular germ cell tumors of the mouse
Marie Killerby Cambridge University (Selwyn College) Mentor: Colin Parrish Project: Host specific receptors for canine and equine influenza viruses
Anne Kimmerlein University of Minnesota Mentor: Susana Mendez Project: The effects on neutraphils of live Leishmania major vaccine containing toll-like receptors agonists
Brina Lopez Colorado State University Mentor: Claudia Fishbach Project: Engineering 3D microenvironments to study tumor stem cell behavior
Kathleen O'Hara Cornell University Mentor: Julia Flaminio Project: Identifying a Genetic Marker for Equine CVID
Ravee Padte Cornell University Mentor: Gregory Acland/Anna Kukekova Project: What Transcriptome Sequencing Can Tell Us About Tame and Aggressive Foxes
Gertje Petersen Freie Universität Berlin Mentor: Alexander Travis Project: Enzymes on a chip - Immobilizing proteins on anorganic surfaces
Eliza Smith University of Queensland Mentor: Tracy Stokol Project: Optimizing methods for detecting platelet micro-particles in horses
Luise Steltzer Freie Universität Berlin Mentor:Kenneth Simpson Project: What´s Bugging you? A culture independent approach to identifying bacteria in clinical samples
Frances Taylor-Brown Royal Veterinary College Mentor: Richard Cerione/ Marc Antonyak Project: The Role and Regulation of Cancer Cell-Derived Microvesicles
Daniel Woodburn Virgina Tech Mentor: Marjory Brooks/James Catalfamo Project: The effect of factor 8 and factor 9 deficiency on microparticle-driven thrombin generation in dogs
Sirima Yaemsiri North Carolina State University Mentor: Alexander Travis Project: Organization and possible function of GM1-enriched membrane domains in murine epididymis