2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Clare Sherman

Imgae of Clare ShermanBackground:

I’m originally from Pasadena, California. For most of my life I’ve been interested in a career in scientific research, but the area of concentration has continued to change over the years. My first experience working on a research project in a laboratory setting was part of a high school mentoring program with the California Institute of Technology. I was inspired by that opportunity to pursue a career in biological research, and went on to do my undergraduate work at Stanford University. There I earned a BS in Earth Systems, an interdisciplinary environmental science program combining the natural sciences, earth sciences, economics and policy. After deciding to apply to veterinary school, I stayed on at Stanford to complete a secondary major in Biology and worked for two years as a technician in a comparative neuroscience and electrical engineering laboratory. That experience has motivated me to explore both clinical medicine and research as a member of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine’s class of 2017.


My research interests are comparative medicine and biomedical research, and enjoy working with a wide variety of animal species in a clinical setting. In my free time I enjoy trying out new recipes, exercising outdoors, and spending time with my classmates.

Career Goals:

As a first year veterinary student, my professional interests are numerous. I hope to incorporate research, clinical work, and teaching into my future career.