2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Bennie Callum

Image of Bennie CallumBackground:

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where I began my veterinary studies in 2009. Whilst at the University of Sydney I intercalated from veterinary medicine to undertake a science research project in 2012. This research involved examining the in vitro interactions between different families of antimicrobials, tested against rapidly growing mycobacteria, the kinds that cause chronic skin disease (mycobacterial panniculitis) in animals. This was to determine if combination therapy is the most prudent form of therapy for this condition and does not inadvertently result in the selection of resistant mycobacteria.


I enjoy volunteering for veterinary charity organizations and recently spent two weeks at the Esther Honey Foundation in the Cook Islands assisting in their clinic during my winter break.
Whenever I get the chance I love to travel – I cannot wait to explore the beautiful Finger Lakes district while attending the Program! Also, a bit of physical activity never goes astray which is where my favourite sports, tennis and volleyball, come in.

Career Goals:

After completing my veterinary degree I hope to gain clinical experience working in practice before embarking on a PhD investigating emerging infectious diseases, zoonoses and their epidemiology. Ultimately, my current ambition is to contribute to the field of One Health as a veterinarian in the public health sector of the federal government.