2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Amy Smith


I grew up in Buckinghamshire, UK. I was largely ignorant of science in high school; I focused all of my attention on Art and English Literature with no real career aspirations. I decided not to go to university at that point and instead went to work in a wildlife hospital. It was there that I was introduced to the basics of diseases, diagnostics and therapeutics. I started training as a veterinary nurse in small animal practice, but left this to pursue science qualifications to get into vet school. I still work in a small animal hospital as a nursing assistant at weekends. At the University of Bristol, I completed a vacation studentship on primary cell culture methods of porcine intestinal epithelium. During this I became interested in using my knowledge to develop new methods and products to improve animal health. Next year I am intercalating in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at University of Bristol, which will enable me to look more in depth at subjects in oncology, microbiology and stem cell medicine.


I am still interested in the arts, particularly literature and films. I try to be keen on running, but can often find an excuse not to go. I have recently started horse riding and am still trying to master rising trot. My veterinary interests are cell biology, pathology and the concept of One Health.

Career Goal:

I have yet to decide on a definitive career goal –the beauty of veterinary medicine is its array of opportunities. I would like to work with an inspiring research team working on developing quality, affordable diagnostics and therapeutics and improving understanding of pathogenesis.