2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Marie Killerby

Marie KillerbyBackground:

I’m originally from Wimbledon in London but am currently studying at the University of Cambridge. I’m in my fourth year of the veterinary medicine course and spent my intercalated third year studying for a degree in zoology. During this year I specialized in studying evolution and behavior which I found incredibly interesting and sparked my interest in research which I now hope to transfer to my studies in veterinary medicine.


I enjoy playing various sports at a fairly relaxed level including tennis, women’s rugby, running and mixed lacrosse. I’m also a fan of travelling to new places and enjoying outdoor activities and charitable projects there, recent trips having taken me to Nepal, Thailand and Ethiopia.

Career Goal:

I’m currently gaining as much experience as possible in all areas of veterinary medicine but with a strong scientific interest I hope to be able to contribute to scientific research in whichever field I end up in. At the moment my interests range from animal behavior and neurobiology through to emerging zoonotic diseases so I’m fairly open minded about the direction of my career.