2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Robert Turner

Robert TurnerMassey University


My life has taken me through some interesting places. I was born and schooled in Zimbabwe, worked in England and Greece, and then immigrated to New Zealand. I developed a strong interest in wildlife in Zimbabwe, as well as in the interactions of disease and society throughout the continent. In New Zealand, I enrolled into Massey University’s Veterinary Science program. Having reached my final year, I am continually amazed at the opportunities opening ahead of me.


I like to keep myself active outside of vet school. I have played club rugby for 5 years and this last year I was a player-coach of the Massey Vet Rugby team. I have a passion for skydiving and jumping when I have the opportunity. Other interests of mine include scuba-diving, wakeboarding, sailing, windsurfing, climbing and almost any outdoor sport.

Career Goal:

I plan to go into general mixed practice for a few years to develop a good set of practical skills and to guide my interests into future research. Later, I hope to advanced my knowledge in epidemiology and help fashion disease control strategies in developing countries. Research and academia have a strong draw, and I hope to have some influence in these arenas later in life.