2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Gertje Petersen

Gertje PetersenFreie Universit├Ąt Berlin


Growing up on an organic ranch with many cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and dogs, I realized early on that my goal would be to help those who could not easily communicate their needs to humans. With my parents both veterinarians themselves, my career path seemed to be laid out for me from the start, however, when I moved to a boarding house, my view on the veterinary profession as a whole began to change. While I had intended to work as a practitioner before, now, I imagined for myself a future in livestock management or race horse supervision. While still in school, I had the possibility to intern as a research student at the Proteome Center Rostock, but even though I greatly enjoyed working there, it was not until I had started vet school that I considered a career in research for myself.


I enjoy riding and generally working with horses (as well as cattle!) (including breeding), but also love to emerge in books or music, the latter by listening, singing and playing the piano (not very good, I am afraid..)

Career Goal:

I would love to work in the field of reproductive science.

Since I am not only interested in the conventional aspects of reproductive medicine, but also in therapeutic cloning and genetics, including genetic engineering, I do not see my whole life in Germany, where there are limits to the research possibilities.