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Alan Humphreys

Alan HumphreysUniversity of Tennessee


I’m an American “southern boy,” having been born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and am currently attending the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, (“UT”) in its college of veterinary medicine after having previously attended UT as an undergraduate student. In my undergraduate studies, I initially majored in accounting; however, after realizing that accounting was not quite as glamorous as I had imagined, I sought out a new career with passion in the driver’s seat. Soon thereafter, a late night conversation with my brother, combined with some extensive soul searching, helped me realize how fascinated I am with animals and veterinary science. As a result, I changed my major to Animal Science and have never looked back.

I’ve spent the past few summer and winter breaks working in small animal private practice clinics, but my interest in research has been growing ever since I worked with one of my undergraduate professors on a project regarding how an appetite stimulant would affect weaning time in piglets. It was an incredible experience that uncovered a completely new side of veterinary medicine to me. The focused challenges and extensive analytics involved in veterinary research are the reasons I am here at Cornell.


Outside of hitting the books in vet school, I enjoy trout fishing and hiking in the Appalachian Mountains in the southeastern United States. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance or two to do the same in upstate New York this summer. In addition, a couple of years ago I took up the hobby of playing the banjo (for those of you who don’t know, a banjo is like a guitar with much more “twang”, and it is played with multiple finger picks, rather than a single guitar pick). Although I’ve gotten a few songs under my belt, I still feel like I’m in the early stages of honing my banjo skills.

Career Goal:

Although currently undecided on my ultimate career choice, the areas of parasitology, laboratory animal medicine and pathology have considerably piqued my interest.