2014 BBS Leadership Group Shot  

The Leadership Program

Sanne Hugen

Sanne HugenUnivesiteit Utrecht


I was born in a small village in the Netherlands. I’ve always had a great interest in nature and animals. After high school, I enrolled in the Veterinary School at Utrecht University in 2004. I was selected for the Excellent Tracé Program, a veterinary research honors program, based on my preclinical results. During this research year, I focused on copper-associated hepatitis in the Labrador Retriever. I have recently started my first year of clinical rotations.



My greatest hobby is canine agility, with my Belgian Shepherd, Tervueren. With him I compete at a high level, both nationally and internationally. Apart from this, I also enjoy horseback riding, traveling, music and learning foreign languages.

Career Goal:

I have not yet decided upon a specific career path. I am interested in different research areas as well as clinical work and teaching. Hopefully, my experiences in the Cornell Leadership Program will help me to further define my career plans.