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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Heidi Vesterinen

Helsinki University
Class of 2012

Background: I graduated from one of Finland's top fine arts oriented upper secondary schools, and applied to study at the University of Helsinki where I am now a second year student in the faculty of veterinary medicine. So far I have completed my curriculum, containing some laboratory work and a lot of theory, with excellent grades and I have started to teach histology and anatomy at the university. I love to teach. I completed my bachelor's thesis, which included a practical histological part, during my first year at the university. I also work as a small animal nurse in a veterinary clinic.

Interests: Several fields of veterinary science intrigue me, among them epidemiology and internal medicine. Right now I am most interested in research on zoonotic infections. I also like educating myself at professional conferences and have already been to several, including the annual conference of the Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine.

During my free time I enjoy rock climbing and badminton, and when I have a week to myself, I take a hiking trip to some distant part of the world. At home I enjoy reading, drawing and watching anime.

Career Goal: I will be doing my master's thesis project as a student member of a gastroenterology research group led by Dr. Thomas Spillmann, professor of small animal internal medicine, at the University of Helsinki. After I graduate I plan to combine research, teaching and clinical work. I have not yet chosen my specific field of research but what ever it will be, I am determined to become an internationally acknowledged expert on it.