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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Annelies Nijdam

Utrecht University
Class of 2010

Background: Born and raised in Groningen, the Netherlands, I started my academic career at the University of Groningen where I studied Computing Science. It enabled me to visit the University of Bourgogne at Dijon (France) as an exchange student and join the Face Recognition lab at the University of Texas at Dallas for two semesters after my graduation. This experience kindled my interest in multidisciplinary research in an international setting.

As career in Information Technology did not satisfy my need for intellectual depth and inspiration, guided by my lively interest in animal welfare, I took up Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. Joining the faculty honors research program in 2006, I was very happy to dedicate myself for 15 months to multidisciplinary research at the Ethology and Welfare division where I applied my background in Computer Science to the problems encountered in the use of automated behavior registration.

I am currently enrolled in the Clinical Rotations that will allow me to graduate in early 2010.

Interests: I like to travel and broaden my horizons, meet people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. Cooking and eating with friends and family is definitely one of my favorite activities. To compensate for the inevitable caloric intake and balance an overactive mind I love to practice yoga and wander into the outdoors.

Career Goal: I would like to contribute to the understanding and improvement of animal welfare. It would be great if I could combine that aspiration with my ambition to conduct research in a multidisciplinary environment, if possible combined with clinical work. Nevertheless, this is not a plan set in stone and I am very willing to be surprised by whatever life has in store for me.