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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Anna Moore

University of Bristol
Class of 2010

Background: Originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland I currently live in England studying Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol. After completing my 3rd year of the vet degree I took the opportunity to intercalate into the Animal Behavior and Welfare BSc, also at Bristol. I feel that animal welfare and behavior are both two important an often under appreciated parts of the profession and have relished this opportunity to learn more about these areas. One of my interests is in the relationship between humans and animals and I have just finished a research project looking at the role of pets in the lives of the elderly. Next year I will be returning to the veterinary course to complete my final clinical years.

Interests: I try to play an active role in both the university and the vet school, being a member of many clubs and sitting on several committees. I have an interest in art and sculpture and often make my own items of jewelry and clothing. I also enjoy dancing and currently study Egyptian and Persian dancing, better known as belly dance.

Career Goal: I plan to work in the area of companion animal behavior, hopefully combining clinical work with opportunities to do some research. I would like to undertake a residency in the future and ultimately a PhD.