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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Johanna Dups

University of Queensland
Class of 2009

Background: I was born in Limhamn, Sweden, and immigrated to Australia with my family when I was nine months old. I completed both my primary and secondary education in Brisbane, Australia and the majority of my memories from these formative years are of riding horses, climbing trees, swimming, running and generally being out doors. From the time I could talk I was convinced that I was going to be a vet. After 12 years of schooling, however, I needed a change and decided to spend some time traveling to gain a few new experiences. I spent two years backpacking around the world, mostly working on ski fields as a snowboard instructor by day and as a waitress by night. After two years of travel I was once again ready to channel my energies towards the goal of becoming a vet and promptly enrolled in veterinary studies at the University of Queensland in 2004. I am now in my final year and have loved every year of my degree.

Interests: What isn't interesting?! I love the outdoors, hiking, horse riding and snowboarding. I have just discovered adventure racing. Otherwise, from a veterinary perspective my interests lie with equine medicine, zoonotic diseases and epidemiology. I am currently collecting and analyzing data from the recent outbreak of equine influenza in Australia and am thoroughly enjoying my introduction to the research side of veterinary science.

Career Goal: After graduating from veterinary science I intend to go into mixed practice for two - three years, before returning to university to embark on my PhD journey. Long-term, I aspire to enter into the public health arm of veterinary science, particularly the areas of zoonotic disease and biosecurity.