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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Anne Dijkshoorn

University of Utrecht
Class of 2010

Background: I was born in Lelystad, in the middle of the Netherlands. Before university, I took a gap year during which I travelled in New Zealand where I also volunteered on several farms. I enrolled into veterinary science in 2002 at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. After completing my pre-clinical studies, I followed the Excellent Track program, an Honors Program which covered a 12-month period in research. During this period I studied hyperadrenocorticism in ferrets. I am currently in my first year of clinical veterinary training.

Interests: My curiosity for understanding fundamental processes has prompted my interest in veterinary research. I think it is essential to be able to understand disease mechanisms at the molecular level when you are dealing with the animal in whole. I think, however, the clinical part should not be underestimated. In my opinion, the clinical view on animal diseases together with the responsibility for both human and veterinary health is a special feature of veterinarians. In my current veterinary education I want to form an idea of the possibilities and limitations of veterinary research. And besides, I want to be involved with the organization of education at the veterinary faculty of Utrecht (I have been involved in evaluations of education, representative board, mentoring, and committees).

I like getting outdoors and I have a love of travelling and exploring different cultures. In my free time I also like to do some rowing, horse riding, swimming and running.

Career Goal: There are so many possibilities! I aspire to combine veterinary research with teaching and clinical veterinary medicine, in my future career. I therefore hope the Cornell Leadership Program can help me explore the possibilities.