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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Lucie Chevallier

National Veterinary School of Alfort
Class of 2009

Background: Like most veterinary students, I have been dreaming of becoming a veterinarian almost since I was born, which dates back to 1984. My mother is a nurse and my father an ornithologist, and I have combined the medical trend of my mother's job with the passion for nature and animals of my father's in order to build my "veterinary profile". I entered the National Veterinary School of Alfort (which is located near Paris) in 2004, and ought to be graduated in 2009.

Over the last four years I have tried to seize any opportunity to study abroad: I have spent three months at the Zoo in Vienna (Austria), and I have also been an exchange student at the Free University of Berlin (Germany) for one year.

Even before I started attending veterinary school classes, I knew I wanted to practice a job related to public health, but I changed my mind every other day as to which field of veterinary medicine I wanted to practice in. As time went by, I got to know the research field, and more specifically genetic research. In order to substantiate my motivation I spent a month in a dog genetics laboratory, where I did research tutored by a girl doing her PhD, about the genetic causes of epilepsy in the Great Swiss Mountain Dog. I thought it absolutely fascinating! The dog is a powerful model to study human genetics diseases and I would really like to carry on searching in this field!

Interests: Dog genetics of course! But also riding, acting (although this hobby terrifies me as soon as I have to play in public!), playing the piano (very poorly!).

Career Goal: To keep learning more and more! My short-term career goal would be to continue with a Masters, followed by a PhD and a post-doctorate in a foreign country. I would also love to continue exploring research opportunities in human genetics and dog genetics during these years. I would be delighted to learn different types of study techniques in the genetic field and visit many laboratories, and therefore meet lots of researchers. The Cornell Leadership Program for Veterinary Students would be the perfect beginning! As for my long-term career goal, it is to do research and to teach, and above all, to undertake all I possibly can to contribute to the progress of science.