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Cornell Summer Research and Leadership Program

Rachel Acciacca

North Carolina State University
Class of 2011

Background: I was raised in North Andover, Massachusetts, and earned my BS in Animal Science at the University of Delaware. As an undergraduate, I completed four years of Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps, and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in 2007. The Army has provided me with an Education Delay that has allowed me to postpone my active duty service obligation to attend veterinary school at North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine. I spent a summer at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center Foot and Mouth Disease Immunology Lab, where I pursued my strong interests in foreign animal diseases and public health. I have also gained a great appreciation for production animal medicine while working for a large animal veterinarian in rural New Zealand.

Interests: My interests include traveling, hiking, exercising, and competing in local running races. I grew up riding horses and competing in 3-Day Eventing, and have enjoyed working as a Thoroughbred racehorse exercise jockey. My professional interests include emerging zoonotic infectious diseases and global public health.

Career Goal: My primary goal is to become involved in the fields of emerging zoonotic infectious diseases, international veterinary medicine, and public health. I am looking forward to serving my country in the dynamic field of veterinary public health as an Officer in the United States Army Veterinary Corps.