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TIMETABLE 2015-2016
November 1, 2015     Call for Proposals
February 19, 2016     Proposals due in the Office of Student and Academic Services by noon
March 11, 2016         Notification of Awards
October 3, 2016\         Deadline for submission of reports. 



Emily Aston '15 Influenza Surveillance, Guatemala 
Katherine Backel '15 Poultry at COMACO, Zambia 
Emily Cornwell '15 Ehrlichia in Dogs, Colombia 
Shalette Dingle '16 Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia 
Andrew DiSalvo '15 Trypanosomosis in Water Buffalo, Indonesia 
Kathryn Helmerick '15 PPR, Tjikistan 
Erin King '15 Mastitis and Milk Quality , Colombia 
Caroline Laverriere '15 Fish Health, Bangladesh
Susan Zhang '15 Panda Saliva Assays 


Emily Aston '15 Study of Prevalence of Toxoplasma Gondii in Ungulates in the Peruvian Amazon 
 Daniel Jackson '14 Shey Phoksmundo National Park , Nepal 
Chelsea Anderson '14 Surveillance for Anthrax in Wtr Buffalo Sympatric w the Javan Rhinoceros Pop. Indonesia 
Claudia Taylor '14 Prevalence and Control of Cysticercosis:A Zoonotic Disease in Peru 
Jamie Ng '15 Disease Control and Prevention among Fisheries in Guangdong Province, China 
Katherine Schuhmacher '15 Lead from Spent Ammunition:Argentine Ducks in Peril,  Sante Fe Province, Argentina 
Kelsey Shaw '14 Prevalence of Brucella Abortus & Trypanosoma in Donkeys, Zimbabwe 
Julie Adamchick '14 Prevalence of Mastitis due to Streptococcus Agalactiae, Manizales Colombia 

Read personal accounts of our participants' experiences
Sarah Dumas (Class of 2012)
Chelsea Anderson (Class of 2014)


Dr. Julia Felippe
Dr. Jarra Jagne
Dr. Paul Maza
Dr. Hussni Mohammed
Dr. Daryl Nydam
Dr. Ton Schat
Dr. Jai Sweet
Dr. Alexander Travis (Chair)