DVM Admissions


High School Students

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Paying close attention to course choices and your GPA in high school will be critical when applying to highly ranked undergraduate colleges



High School Transcripts and SAT's 

Typically we don't ask for high school transcripts or SAT scores.   Both of these documents will be required when you apply to your undergraduate colleges.  Paying close attention to course choices and your grade point average in high school will be critical when applying to good colleges.  Also studying for the SAT's and making sure you are prepared for the day you take this assessment will have an impact on your undergraduate applications as well.

Once you get ready to apply to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program, you will again be asked to take a standardized test.  You will be required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) when applying to the DVM degree program.  Most veterinary colleges only accept the GRE's, so that may be the test you choose at first.

You will also need to have all your official college transcripts sent to the College of Veterinary Medicine when you are applying for admission.  This includes any course work taken in high school.  For these courses, you will need to have the transcript sent in from the college that awarded the credits (not your high school transcript).  Although the credits may appear on your high school transcript, we need the college transcript for the official documentation.

Official Advanced Placement (AP) scores should sent to us for Chemistry and Physics if you scored a 4 or higher on the test.  This score will satisfy the General Chemistry and/or Physics prerequisite requirements (depending on the AP tests you took).