DVM Admissions


High School Students

Animal Experiences

Students BirdYou will want to gain animal/veterinary experiences for the veterinary medical application.  You may find it easier to gain veterinary experiences once you are in college.  However, animal experiences are a good way to start while in high school.  These experiences will show animal care and a comfort level with a variety of species.  Some animal experiences include volunteering at a local shelter, working in a pet shop, working at a stable, volunteering at a zoo, and participating in 4-H.  Once you are in college you may find opportunities to volunteer or work for a veterinarian are easier to find.  Biomedical research opportunities while in college will also be valuable.

Once you have completed an experience, whether volunteer or paid, you will want to ask for a letter of evaluation to use in your veterinary application.  The evaluator can write the letter, place it in an envelope, and sign the seal to indicate it was confidential.  Then put it aside until you are ready to work on your veterinary application.